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Under 10

Intimate Gems – Discover boutique gyms defined by personalized attention and a close-knit community.Under 10 employees.

Under 100

Community Leaders – A balance of diverse classes and top-notch facilities, all while maintaining a strong sense of community.Under 100 employees.

Under 1000

Exercise Empires – Large-scale gyms that deliver exceptional experiences through a vast array of services and offerings.Under 1000 employees.


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★ Under 10 ★

Quad's Gym - Chicago, IL
A renowned establishment founded by two childhood friends, Quad's Gym is a 45-year-old testament to old-school bodybuilding with hundreds of unique equipment pieces collected over decades.

★ Under 100 ★

Barbell Brigade - Los Angeles, CA
Founded by Bart Kwan in 2013, Barbell Brigade started as a small 1,500 square foot facility with 1 bench and 1 platform. Now, it's a world-class training space with 16 squat racks, 11 benches and 6 deadlift platforms.

★ Under 1000 ★

Gold's Gym - Venice, CA
Home to the world's foremost bodybuilders, Gold's Gym Venice is a historic training ground for celebrities and icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 'Mecca of Bodybuilding' has stood its ground since Joe Gold opened its doors in 1965.


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Our rigorous evaluation process is rooted in real user experiences. In addition to feedback from website submissions, gyms are anonymously assessed based on criteria including staff quality, equipment range, member satisfaction, and community.

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